What is your Ping?

Do you have any clue what a ping is? Well sometimes when your Internet provider is checking if your Internet service they will ask you to bring up this usually black screen. Sometimes they use this tool in the command line to test if your Online bypassing your bowser and other hindrances. This is called a ping, it sends a little packet of data and receives it back. This tool gives you speed number (usually in Micro Seconds ms) of hops (computers it went through). depending on which command you used ping or TRACERT (Trace Route).

img_ping_explanationThe website tools.Pingdom.com is a great idea because it’s a external source of this data.

Pingdom Tools – Ping test and Traceroute are distributed versions of the popular network tools, available directly from your browser. With these tools you’ll get an outside view of your network response time and network topology, which allows you to track down possible errors more easily.

  • Both Ping and Traceroute work by sending out ping packets and waiting for replies.

  • When a router replies, a green or yellow bar is displayed with the response time.

  • Replies faster than 50 milliseconds are displayed with a green bar.

  • Replies slower than 50 milliseconds are displayed with a yellow bar.

  • If getting a reply takes more than one second, the row will be marked in red.

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